House Speaker Mattiello Approves Curt Schilling Subpoena

Nov 24, 2015

House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello has signed a subpoena calling on Curt Schilling to appear for a December 15th meeting of the House Oversight Committee.

A lawyer for the Oversight Committee recently told lawmakers the subpoena could little impact across the state line in Massachusetts, where Schilling resides.

Mattiello says the state will use all legal tools at its disposal to serve the subpoena. The speaker says Schilling should testify voluntarily, because he can provide valuable information to the citizens of Rhode Island.

Schilling is among the defendants being sued by the state, in an attempt to reduce taxpayers’ cost over the failure of video game company 38 Studios.

The former Red Sox star recently tweeted that he will be willing to speak openly once the lawsuit is over.

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