Humans and Machines

RIPR – Those of us of a certain age can remember a time when we wrote letters by hand; called friends and family on telephones that had wires attached to them; and had to wait until the letter carrier arrived to receive critically important documents. No email attachments, no text or Twitter messages, no smartphone alerts. Today our lives are saturated with all manner of extraordinarily smart machines and technology that threaten to substitute for human judgment and, perhaps, our misjudgment. But as Barbara Schweitzer observes, we humans are still around to stay, flaws and all.

Schweitzer is the author of 33 and 1/3, a book of poetry. She has twice been awarded the Merit Fellowship for Poetry in RI. Schweitzer is co-founder of Rhode Island's Origami Poems Project, a free poetry venture that engages poets from New York to Jakarta, Indonesia. She maintains a psychotherapy practice in Providence.