Hundreds of students in RI & CT stranded after abrupt school closing

Jan 2, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) A Providence technical college has abruptly closed its doors, leaving more than 300 students with tuition paid but no classes to go to.  

The Sawyer School, which specializes in training medical secretaries, abruptly closed its doors on New Year’s Day.  Some students received a letter saying classes were permanently suspended. Others received nothing.

Mike Trainor, a spokesman for the Rhode Island Office of Higher Education, says at least 50 desperate students have called his office to vent. Most, he said, had already pre-paid for the semester that was supposed to start this month.

“I think they’re frantic. They’re disappointed [and] just very anxious about being able to complete their course of study somewhere,” says Trainor.

Trainor says Lincoln Technical School in Lincoln has offered to accept the students. In accordance with state regulations, the two schools had a doomsday agreement in place before the Sawyer School closed.

Three affiliated schools in Connecticut also closed, leaving another 1,200 students stranded.  

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