This I Believe: Bravery

Providence, RI – All of us have had terrifyingly stressful moments in our lives when we were not sure we had the strength, the intestinal fortitude to survive the crisis. Perhaps it was a genuine health scare, or receiving dreadful news about a loved one or a terrorist attack. Whatever the daunting challenge, what all of us hope, and want to believe, is that we have the courage to survive. Peter Mandel reflects on his very personal brush with bravery.

Mandel is the author of nine books for kids including Planes at the Airport (published by Scholastic), My Ocean Liner (published by Stemmer House) and Say Hey! A Song of Willie Mays (published by Hyperion). He contributes travel articles and essays to The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Coastal Living, and the Providence Journal's op-ed page.