This I Believe: A Century of Living

Providence, RI – Try to imagine what it must be like to live a full century, to have started life when William Howard Taft was president of the U.S. and to now have a president who communicates via the Internet and BlackBerry; to have been born in the year when construction began on both the Titanic and the Cape Cod Canal, and to now travel by cars that are guided by satellite-based global positioning systems; and to have taken your first breaths when the Wright brothers were forming a company to manufacture airplanes and to now hear news about routine space shuttles. Today we chat with one such Rhode Islander, Esther Elkin, who shares her beliefs about her remarkably rich, century-long life.

Elkin has lived in Rhode Island since 1954, when she moved here from the New York area with her late husband, Harry. Throughout her long life, Elkin has been both a student and a teacher, indeed what many have described as a master teacher.