This I Believe New England: Still Me

Dec 19, 2017

Credit Scott Indermaur

It's a truism, isn't it, that every life has its challenges – some big, some small, and the rest in between. Under the best of circumstances, we bump into manageable nuisances that fall far short of life-altering crises – say, coping with a flat tire, forgetting a doctor's appointment, or misplacing our car keys.  But, some of us will encounter truly catastrophic circumstances that turn our lives upside down, stop us in our tracks, take our breath away.  The sudden death of a loved one.  Coming home to a house that burned down.  The horrific car accident. 

What all of us hope for is the wherewithal to cope, to soldier on, to make it through the daunting adversity and come out of it with wisdom and resolve.  And that's what we hear from a very wise sixteen-year-old, Gianna Colao.  

Gianna Colao is a sophomore at Westerly High School in Rhode Island.