This I Believe Rhode Island: Awkward Handshakes

Apr 18, 2017

Every life has its challenging moments – some of them very challenging moments. Perhaps you were the new kid in the school, or the child of the parent whose name was splattered across unflattering news headlines.  Perhaps you were so lost in a strange city that you began to panic, or you lost your wallet while traveling abroad.  Somehow most of us get through these painful moments, albeit with trepidation. And so often, what helps is the kindness of strangers, the people who sense our torment and step in to help, often quietly and with no fanfare.  Aesop, of fable fame, is credited with saying "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."  Fourteen-year-old Julia Ruhl certainly agrees.   


Julia Ruhl is an eighth grader at the Moses Brown School in Providence. She lives with her family in Barrington.