This I Believe Rhode Island: Device Distractions

Feb 13, 2013

In her poem How Heron Comes acclaimed poet Mary Oliver observes, “It is a negligence of the mind not to notice how at dusk heron comes to the pond and stands there in his death robes, perfect servant of the system, hungry, his eyes full of attention, his wings pure light.”  How many of us no longer see the heron, so to speak, because of the rush of our lives and the relentless distractions that surround us moment to moment?  Fortunately, Scott Turner has slowed down his own life in order to share his thoughts about this ever-present challenge.

In addition to his duties as the director of web communications at Brown University, Turner writes a weekly nature commentary for the Providence Journal. He is a former land manager, park ranger and science writer. Turner lives in Providence with his wife and two children.