This I Believe Rhode Island: Immortality

May 2, 2017

All of our lives have defining moments, don't they?  Some make us smile: That first date that led to a life-long romance.  The compelling book we read that altered our life's path.  The chance encounter in a coffee shop that turned out to be step #1 in our satisfying career shift.  Of course, other defining moments are not so cheerful:  That dreaded phone call that delivered bad news about a loved one's sudden death.  The car accident that led to a long, painful stint in the hospital.  The unanticipated pink slip instructing us to clean out our desk by noon.  For most, if not all of us, such is life.  Edward Hurley reflects on the rich lessons we can learn from defining moments, even when the news is not good.  


Dr. Edward Hurley is a pediatrician and neonatology fellow in Providence.  He lives in Seekonk, Massachusetts with his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Maddy.