This I Believe Rhode Island: Intentional Smiles

Mar 21, 2017

Human relationships begin in so many ways, some remarkably unpredictable.  There's the chance encounter with another art museum patron.  The blind date arranged by your sister.  Or the knowing glance exchanged with a stranger standing across the room at a dinner party.  Some of those connections are fleeting; some morph into lasting relationships.  As the Russian novelist Dostoyevsky wrote in Crime and Punishment, "There are chance meetings with strangers that interest us from the first moment, before a word is spoken." As Leslie Felker notes, sometimes the simplest of gestures can be the meaningful spark between human beings.   

A mother of three, Leslie Felker relocated to North Kingstown from Pittsburgh, PA five years ago.  She currently writes and tutors students in English through Dorcas International Institute of RI.