This I Believe - Rhode Island: Kindness

Providence, RI – Perhaps you have noticed that endearing bumper sticker pasted to the rear end of some cars that advises all of us to "Commit Random Acts of Kindness." Maybe you read that line and snicker, or maybe you take the advice to heart, believing that our world could be a better place if all of us committed random acts of kindness. Bill Miles surely believes in this bumper sticker's wisdom.

When he's not in class teaching, Miles, a resident of Seekonk, wears his now-famous hat around Northeastern University, where he is a professor. He has lived in and written books on India, West Africa, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the French Caribbean. Miles is also the author of Zion in the Desert, an ethno-autobiography of American Jews who migrated to Israel. His most recent book, coauthored with his Son, Samuel Miles, is My African Horse Problem.