This I Believe Rhode Island: A Little Treasure

Jan 17, 2017

The roughly one million residents of the Ocean State traveled such diverse paths to get here.  

Many started their journey in the Women and Infants Hospital delivery room.  Others of us got here by way of college admissions letters, the immigration field office in Providence, or marriage proposals.  And some of us discovered, perhaps by happenstance, that the reason to set down roots in Rhode Island is that this remarkably unique state offers something irresistible, an alluring, seductive confluence of topography, culture, aesthetic contrasts, and a deep sense of community.  Llewellyn King traveled the world before settling here, and brims with appreciation.  


Llewellyn King left school in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to become a journalist when he was 16. He has been at it ever since, having worked on newspapers in London and the United States, as well a having a parallel career in broadcasting and publishing. He has worked for BBC in London, The New York Herald Tribune and The Washington Post.  He now produces and hosts the PBS program "White House Chronicle" and is a syndicated columnist.