This I Believe Rhode Island: The Power of Silence

Sep 24, 2013

Within the span of minutes this month we received essays on the meaning and power of silence in our lives.  Is this pure coincidence, or does this say something about a more widespread yearning for many of us, a wish to turn down the persistent volume in our lives, screen out the noisy amplification that manages to pervade our days and nights? As the 19th-century Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle said, sometimes "silence is more eloquent than words."   And these words reflect the quiet sentiments of Doreen Engel.

Doreen Conca Engel's audible pursuits include serving as principal of St.       Elizabeth Ann Seton Academy in Central Falls; playing violin with the   Warwick Symphony; studying Spanish; and parenting two formerly boisterous but now very charming young men.