This I Believe Rhode Island: Recovering from Stroke

Jul 18, 2017

All of us know, at least in an abstract sort of way, that our life's trajectory can change in a moment.  We march along with a compelling mix of poignant and prosaic experiences and challenges, perhaps with a false sense of security that what we have planned for the near and long term will, indeed, come to fruition.  Alas, as so many of us discover, the best laid plans can be dashed in a heartbeat.  The accident no one saw coming.  The job that ends abruptly.  The relationship that sours because of one impertinent, poorly timed comment.  Or the harrowing medical crisis.  Often we have limited control over the arrival of these sharp detours.  But, as we hear from Michael and Carolyn Obel-Omia, sometimes we have powerful control over how we respond.   


Michael and Carolyn Obel-Omia, both seasoned educators, live with their family in Barrington.