This I Believe Rhode Island: True Communication

May 9, 2017

All of us have been caught in the controversial vortex surrounding refugee and immigrant resettlement in the United States.  Public policy, court rulings, and executive orders are crisscrossing in whirlwind fashion, as if on a collision course. 

 Amidst this intense storm, real families, real people with real names and stories of struggle and persecution are doing their best to cope with their daunting, often poignant circumstances.  And within the din, embedded in the noise, there are some remarkably quiet moments of impressive resolve and gratitude, as we hear from Nancy Kirsch.   


Nancy Kirsch has worked as a lobbyist, corporate lawyer, and newspaper editor, and is now a freelance writer.  Kirsch lives in Providence and volunteers time with the program "Accompany Your Sister," a network of non-Muslim volunteers who offer to accompany Muslim women who fear for their safety to wherever they need to go.