Injured bald eagle found at Johnston landfill recuperating

Feb 15, 2013

The young injured bald eagle found Monday at Johnston’s Central Landfill is “standing bright and alert” today, according to Veterinarian Chi Chan at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Association of Rhode Island. The eagle was in poor condition yesterday. X-rays revealed that the snow-storm battered eagle had 3 buckshot pellets lodged in her leg, tail, and chest, and the clinic is still waiting for the results of lead-poisoning blood work. This is the first bald eagle brought to the clinic in 20 years. Kimberly Calcagno, a Refuge Manager at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, explained that the recovery of the bald eagle population has been very slow in Rhode Island.

“From the 1970s when their numbers plummeted due to pesticides like DDT, in the last few years we are starting to see more juveniles in places like North Providence and they are actually very common to see at the landfill because they are a scavenger primarily.”

Since nobody in Rhode Island holds a permit to rehabilitate eagles, as soon as the young bald eagle stabilizes, she will be sent to a clinic in another state.