Internet is coming to NPR!

Apr 29, 2014

The memo arrived on paper.

Because it was 1994.

A notice, to all NPR staff, proclaiming, "Internet is coming to NPR!"

And there was no directive to log on to this fast-growing "organization," by the way. "If you do not want to use Internet," the memo read, "simply do nothing."

This memo does not include a "reply all" button.
Credit NPR



We wrap up All Tech with one more retro moment: An anniversary. Twenty years ago today, staffers at NPR received a paper memo. Remember those? The first line read: Internet is coming to NPR. That was punctuated with an exclamation point.


The 1994 memo cites the most immediate and tangible change, e-mail. It would replace our old fax/mail system. Sign up for one hour training. Or: If you do not want to use the Internet, the memo says, simply do nothing.
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