It's on: Coyne-McCoy Super PAC Boosts Raimondo, Hammers Taveras + Chafee

Aug 30, 2013

If there was any doubt that Kate Coyne-McCoy's pro-female candidate super PAC was founded to boost Gina Raimondo's gubernatorial aspirations, its description of the political "lay of the land" facing Rhode Island should resolve that question. It touts Raimondo in unfailingly positive terms, while indicting her two expected Democratic rivals, Governor Lincoln Chafee and Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, as ineffective leaders.

The "prospectus" starts by noting Chafee's close win as an independent in 2010, his subsequent poor approval ratings, and his move to become a Democrat earlier this year. The looming battle between Raimondo and Taveras, as prospective pioneers (first woman or first Latino governor in RI), also gets talked up, leading to this "bottom line:"

"Rhode Island's gubernatorial primary will mark a turning point for the state and there is a stark choice. Gina Raimondo is an effective treasurer with innovative ideas and a proven track record of success. Both Governor Chafee and Mayor Taveras represent the same good-old boy network that has failed to produce results for the state for so long."

Coyne-McCoy, who supported Raimondo's run for treasurer in 2010, previously worked as a regional director for EMILY's List, which raises money to support female candidates.

Coyne-McCoy's Super PAC, accompanied by a smiling photo of the treasurer, calls Raimondo "a born leader on a meteoric rise" and talks up her civic record. A series of press clips are cited, and then the Super PAC Web site presents a series of bullet points for Raimondo, Chafee, and Taveras, dubbed, "The Choice."

Raimondo is credited with pushing for the 2011 state pension overhaul; supporting "a secure retirement" for public employees and teachers; "supporting good public schools;" making "economic development and jobs a priority," and so forth.

By contrast, the bullet points for Taveras on the super PAC Web site point to a downgrade in Providence's bond rating; a property tax increase; and the Providence mayor is blamed for other problems, including how "Providence continues to have higher than average unemployment and lags in indicators for business growth."

The bullet points selected for Chafee are similarly unflattering. Among other things, they blame the governor for failing to properly oversee the state loan guarantee for 38 Studios; proposing "$93 million in tax hikes this year alone;" and putting "politics over principles, switching parties whenever the wind blows."