It's Providence Newspaper Guild Follies Time!

Feb 17, 2017

The days are getting longer. The General Assembly is back. And yes, the pols have been cooperating – from the White House to the State House –with the usual shenanigans.

The last Friday in February is fast approaching. Rhode Island political junkies know what that means – as the song trills – It’s Follies Time at the Veeeenusss  DeeMilo, the Veeenus….

The Providence Newspaper Guild’s annual Follies –the spoof of all things Rhode Island, particularly our political culture – is set for next Friday, Feb. 24 at usual venue, the Venus in Swansea, Mass. It’s just over the RI-Mass border, but far enough into the Bay State to be out of the reach of Rhode Island law enforcement.

Tickets are moving out the door, but there are still some left for this year’s Follies of 2016 show.

So, unless you like squinting at the stage from your seat near Route 6, you had best get yer tickets ASAP. The show, as always, is presented by members of the guild, the union that has represented Providence Journal employees since 1959 and now also represents workers at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and other New England newspapers. (A few talented ringers have always rounded out the show).

The Follies was first held in 1974 to salve the wounds of a divisive and bitter 13-day strike in 1973 by the guild against the ProJo. The idea was bring together the state’s journalism, business, political, educational and legal communities for an evening of food, drink, song, fun and, especially, laughter.

The show has been held every year since at the same time – the last Friday in February. This year’s cast has a lot to work with—the presidential election and, of course,  the gift that keeps on giving – Rhode Island politics.

This event  features one of New England’s longest cocktail hours, the fabulous Venus three Lipitor buffet (oh that Lobstah Newburg)  and a mid-winter night of frolic and meet-and-greet. This is where the pols mingle with the hoi-polloi. As always there will be a Mystery Guest, chosen from the ranks of politicians and wannabees. One of the highlights of the evening is the eternal guessing game about who will be this year’s guest. So far, it has been a better kept secret that Gen. Flynn’s telephone calls.

For tickets, call the Providence Newspaper Guild at 401-421-9466. Don’t procrastinate.