It's the wrecking ball for last stretch of I-195

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The demolition of the old section of Interstate 195 is now underway. Governor Don Carcieri got it started at a wrecking ball ceremony Monday afternoon.

Carcieri climbed into the wrecking ball crane but after taking one look at the controls he turned it back to the professionals. So with an old hand at the levers, a wrecking ball painted gold took a whack at a Jersey barrier.

Crews are removing a section 3,500 feet long from Wickenden Street to Interstate 95. It will free up 35 acres of downtown real estate which Carcieri said will create rare economic development opportunities.

"It's hard for those of us who look at this every day to imagine what it's going to look like when this is gone. It's really going to change the landscape of the capital city," Carcieri said.

The demolition will generate more than five thousand tons of asphalt and granite. The material will be recycled into aggregate.

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