Jeff Britt to Manage Ken Block's Campaign for Governor

Jul 22, 2013

Moderate Party gubernatorial candidate Ken Block has hired political operative Jeff Britt to manage his campaign.

The move promises to inject some fresh edge into the 2014 race for governor, as Block takes on expected candidates from a field of Republican Allan Fung and Democrats Lincoln Chafee, Gina Raimondo, and Angel Taveras. Last year, Britt and the shadow of 38 Studios put a scare into House Speaker Gordon Fox, who ran a far more active campaign than in years while turning back the Britt-managed Mark Binder.

Block says Britt reached out to him after the Moderate attracted 6.5 percent of the vote for governor in 2010, and that the two men have kept in touch since then:

I brought Jeff Britt on board because it’s going to be crucially important for me to clearly and as accurately and loudly as possible get my message out to the public in this race. Jeff has a proven track record at really helping with messaging and getting the message out for candidates.

Block's move to hire Britt was first reported by the ProJo's Ed Fitzpatrick.

Britt is a former Fox alley who also served as former governor Don Carcieri's liaison to dissident legislative Democrats.