John Ratzenberger's keynote

PROVIDENCE, RI – A governor, a mayor and a congressman addressed the Providence College graduation ceremony held at the Dunkin Donuts Center yesterday. But, as WRNI's Flo Jonic reports the man who drew the biggest excitement was former Cheers' actor John Ratzenberger.

Actor and activist John Ratzenberger played three roles at Providence College's 93rd annual commencement ceremony. He received an honorary doctorate of fine arts, he was the father of a proud graduate. Nina, and he gave the keynote address.

"Be respectful," he says. "And let your work speak for you," he told the graduates and learn some practical skills. Learn how to cook. Build something with your own hands. Know how to change a car tire. Learn to whistle. Make a baby laugh. And if you're ever given the honor at speaking at a prestigious place of learning know when to stop."

Providence College also bestowed honorary baccalaureate degrees on the so-called "lost class of 44" - whose service in World War Two prevented them from finishing their degrees.