Johnson and Wales Goes Cold Turkey

Jul 1, 2016

Credit Creative Commons

Johnson and Wales celebrated a new tobacco-free policy today over cold turkey sandwiches. The policy makes JWU the first institution of higher learning in Rhode Island to ban tobacco from their campus. Former student government President Ray Nuñez  says the new policy will focus on encouragement rather than punishment.

"This isn’t a (sic) anti-smoking police system. We’re not going to have people going around giving citations for smoking. It’s going to be a culture movement, where people are going to be respectfully telling people ‘hey, we’re no longer a smoking campus.’"

Secretary of the Student Government Edyn Zapata added that the school will run a trade-in program – cigarettes for snacks. 

"If someone’s smoking you give them a pamphlet and there will be like incentives such as, basically give me your pack of cigarettes and we’ll give you something back in return." 

In honor of the school’s historic move, Governor Gina Raimondo presented University President Mim L. Runey with a certificate of accomplishment.