Judge Advises Both Sides In 38 Studios Lawsuit Against Release Of Facts Too Early

May 20, 2014

The judge overseeing the state’s lawsuit over 38 Studios warned lawyers Monday about what he called the dribbling out of information. The state is suing 14 defendants to try to cut taxpayers’ losses from the failed video-game company.

Lawmakers continue to debate whether or not to pay back the money owed from the failed video game company 38 Studios.

Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein gently advised lawyers on both sides of the case against the early release of facts that he calls better suited for discussion at trial. That came after Silverstein heard arguments about whether to release documents connected to the case. The judge did not make an immediate decision on that question.

Rhode Island taxpayers remain on the hook for about $90 million due to the bankruptcy of 38 Studios in 2012. Lawmakers are debating whether to include a payment of almost 12 and a half million dollars in the state’s next budget.

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