Judge to choose Landmark buyer

Providence, RI – By MEGAN HALL

This week marks the deadline for a superior court judge to pick a buyer for Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket.

RegionalCare Hospital Partners, Transition HealthCare, and Prime Healthcare Services are all hoping to buy Landmark Medical Center and its rehabilitation hospital in North Smithfield.

Each bidder is from out of town- RegionalCare and Transition from Tennessee, Prime from California.

Transition says it would keep all of Landmark's employees, while Prime and Regional Care anticipate laying off at least a hundred people.

Meanwhile Health South out of Alabama only wants to buy the rehab hospital.

Landmark's union approves of all of the bidders except for RegionalCare. The United Nurses and Allied Professionals have staged informational pickets and bought ads against the Tennessee company because it couldn't reach an agreement with employees.

Superior court Judge Michael Silverstein says he'll choose one of these bidders by early this week. But he hasn't said whether "early this week" means today.

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