Judge to Consider Keeping Some 38 Studios Documents Confidential

Sep 9, 2015

The courthouse in Providence has been the site of a lengthy legal battle over 38 Studios' bankruptcy.
Credit RIPR file photo

Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein has slated two hearings, starting next Tuesday, on whether to keep confidential some of the documents related to the state's lawsuit over 38 Studios.

It is not clear why Silverstein decided to take this step. Court Clerk Henry S. Kinch Jr. says the judge is trying to get consensus from the different parties in the case.

"He’s really focused on getting as much of the material that is agreed upon to be released," Kinch said. "That’s what he’s trying to do here."

The release of the 38 Studios documents is seen as a way to shed more light on the state’s losing investment in the video game company, and Silverstein last month said the documents would be made public.

Kinch says the document release will probably happen late next week or the week after.

Silverstein scheduled a hearing at 9:30 am Tuesday for "any party or non-party that seeks to maintain the designation of 'Confidential Materials' or 'Attorneys Eyes Only Materials' on documents filed with the clerk's office, deposition testimony in the case, or exhibits to the deposition transcripts."

A separate hearing is slated for September 18 to consider whether to keep confidential documents produced in discovery other than those considered in the earlier hearing.

Silverstein's decision to consider keeping some of the documents under seal was first reported by WPRI-TV, Channel 12.