Judge Declines to Quash Subpoena for Fox Over 38 Studios

Jun 3, 2014

A Superior Court judge has declined to quash a subpoena calling for former House speaker Gordon Fox to answer questions related to the state’s lawsuit over 38 Studios.

The ruling by Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein means that Fox must attend a deposition conducted by one of the 14 defendants being sued by the state over 38 Studios.

In related news, Channel 10 reported how the names of Fox, his friend Michael Corso, and Fox’s predecessor as House speaker, William Murphy, appeared on a log of 38 Studios confidentiality agreements in October 2009. That’s significant because it was previously thought former governor Don Carcieri paved the way for 38 Studios to come to Rhode Island when he met Curt Schilling in March 2010.

In a statement, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Block says the revelation about Fox and Murphy’s earlier contact with 38 Studios shows that House leaders have been deceptive about the issue.