Judge Rules Board Cannot Discuss NECAP Testing In Closed Retreat

Aug 6, 2013

A judge has ordered the Rhode Island Board of Education to open up a portion of what was supposed to be a retreat closed to the public.

The board had planned to hear about requiring NECAP test scores for graduation at a closed retreat later this month.

The Rhode Island chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union sued saying the closed retreat violated the Open Meetings Act.

After hearing arguments for almost two hours, Judge Daniel Procaccini issued a preliminary injunction, allowing the public to hear the portion of the retreat discussing NECAP testing.

He ruled the rest of the retreat can remain closed.

Steve Brown, is the executive director of the RI ACLU.

“We certainly expect that the board will comply with that decision, and allow the public into this very important discussion of a very important issue,” said Brown.

Board of Education chair Eva-Marie Mancuso has argued that the retreat does not violate the Open Meetings Act, and that closed retreats were common with the now-defunct Board of Higher Education.

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