Judge sentences two of three former N. Providence officials

PROVIDENCE, RI – A federal judge has thrown the book at two former North Providence town councilors who admitted to taking bribes in exchange for favorable votes on zoning and licensing issues.

Raymond Douglas who not only extorted bribes but was engaged in an illegal bookmaking operation, got the harshest sentence: six and a half years in prison plus a fine of $12,500. He apologized in court but Judge Mary Lisi said quote, "he had everything going for him but he engaged in an extortion scheme to line his own pockets."

Judge Lisi went slightly easier on former North Providence town council president Joseph Burchfield. He got five years and four months in prison plus a $10,000 fine with the judge scolding him for his "arrogance, greed and self aggrandizement." Flo Jonic, WRNI, RIPR.

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