Judge Steps Back

Providence, RI – The longest serving federal judge in Rhode Island is scaling back his workload. On Friday, Judge Ronald Lageux moved to senior status. That means Lageux, who has been on the bench for 33 years, will continue to hear some cases but will have a reduced work-load.

Lageux said Friday that his favorite part of being a judge is making decisions. “Every case that comes before me, I’ve always considered the most important case in the world. I try to give it my best and give the litigants their day in court,” he said, “ I hope people will say about me when I’m gone that I always gave every case my very best effort.”

Lageux, who is 70, recently received attention when presiding over matters associated with the Plunderdome investigation of alleged corruption in Providence City Government. Prior to the indictment of Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr., Lageux commented that corruption “seems to be coming from the top.”