Junk Finds Home Through Reuse Marketplace

Mar 8, 2013

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation has launched Rhode Island’s participation in a regional program—the “Reuse Marketplace.” This online marketplace allows businesses to find homes for extra items in their offices or warehouses that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.

Businesses and organizations from Rhode Island and several other northeastern states can post items they have or need, and anyone can browse these listings. Resource Recovery Recycling Services Director Sarah Kite says the online marketplace will benefit both businesses and the environment.

“Keeping these unwanted materials—maybe they’re cast-offs, maybe they’re seconds—out of the landfill is clearly an environmental benefit. You know, we only have the one landfill in Rhode Island, so the more that we can do to extend the life of the landfill is going to benefit the entire state.”

Items currently available on the site include cubicles from New Jersey, candle jars from Vermont, packing peanuts from Massachusetts, and even 400 free dorm mattresses from Yale University. Visit the site at www.reusemarketplace.org.

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