Ken Block Announces Run for Governor in 2014

May 21, 2013

Moderate Party founder Ken Block, who has hinted for months about a second run for governor, made it official Tuesday, unveiling a campaign Web site and an announcement:

Block, who has spent the last few months helping to lead the effort to reform elections in Rhode Island by eliminating the master lever, said the state needs a Governor who is not afraid to use the bully pulpit of the office and who has the experience needed to get things done.

"Rhode Island is starved for leadership and desperate for a Governor who won't just talk about economic development, but who actually has the skills to do something about it," said Block. "What Rhode Island needs now are elected officials who are motivated not by the status quo, but by the desire to fix what is so broken in our state.  The serious problems with our economy and educational system will only be solved with hard work, attention to detail and a dedication to serving the best interests of the majority of Rhode Island's residents."

Block attracted 6.5 percent of the vote as one of four major candidates in the 2010 race for governor. His Web site includes the slogan, "Rhode Island is fixable and worth fixing." It also has a checklist of issues suggesting most voters should support his cause.

Other expected gubernatorial candidates next year include Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, a Republican, and two Democrats, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras and state Treasurer Gina Raimondo. Independent Governor Lincoln Chafee has indicated he plans to seek re-election.

Block has demonstrated an ability to focus attention on public issues, as with his advocacy on the master lever, yet he faces a challenge even as a successful businessman in raising money. Regarding that issue, his announcement says:

Realizing that the ability to raise money is going to be an important part of the race, Block said he is in the process of putting together a strong finance committee that will help him compete and get his message out to the voters.  "This election must be about who has the skills and vision to lead Rhode Island out of the financial mess we are in," said Block.  "It can't come down to a choice between status quo candidates who raise staggering amounts of money from special interests outside of the state, or candidates who are completely bereft of ideas.  I intend to run a strong campaign with the vision and ideas necessary to convince voters that I am the best possible choice for fixing our state."

A formal kick off event will be planned in the near future, where Block will introduce his finance team and lay out his campaign platform.