Kent Hospital Worker Looks At 100

Dec 9, 2013

There aren’t many people who live to be 100.   And even fewer who make it to that age but still work. That’s what makes Mary Poncin so special.

Mary Poncin, a greeter at Kent Hostpital, has been working since 1928.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Mary Poncin turns 100 Tuesday.  And amazingly she still works. She’s a greeter at Kent Hospital. You’ll find her at the main entrance every morning, Monday through Friday.

"Why do you still work?"

"Well you need the extra money. Social Security doesn’t cover everything," said Poncin.

"So it’s a financial issue for you, huh?"

"Well, I won’t say terrible but I like to get out of the house. I’m not a person that can sit around and watch television all day. I’ve got to get out and meet people," said Poncin.

When Poncin was born Woodrow Wilson was president. She started working in 1928 as a waitress. Her first salary was a dollar for a 12-hour day.  She came to Kent Hospital two years ago after being laid off from a retail job.

Her boss, Jody Jencks, has nothing but praise for her centenarian employee.

"Oh she’s wonderful. Very enthusiastic. She’s very punctual. She’s a team player. Always greeting the patients, visitors and staff and really lends a helping hand wherever anyone needs it," said Jencks.

Poncin doesn’t think much of the direction the world has taken since her birth 100 years ago. She says families are too scattered and rely too much on supermarkets.

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