Kilmartin, Fine Urge United Healthcare To Reinstate Doctors

Nov 15, 2013

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin and Health Department director Michael Fine have sent a letter to the CEO of United Healthcare New England expressing their concern over the insurer’s dropping of dozens of doctors from its managed Medicare plan in the state. They want United to reinstate doctors until they submit a plan to handle the transition.

The pair admonish United for failing to explain in more detail why it dropped certain doctors. And they point out that limiting the number of doctors for Medicare patients in a state with such a high percentage of elderly people could affect patients’ ability to access and afford the doctors they need.

Kilmartin and Fine say they are also concerned about the continuity of care for patients who are in active treatment with a particular doctor as well as about the fact that United hasn’t informed members but left that to individual doctors.

United had originally canceled its contract with health care providers on Block Island but went back on that when islanders raised objections about the lack of options that would have meant.

So far United has not made many details available about how it selected which doctors to cut.