Labor officials remember deadly 1934 strike

Providence, R.I. – About 150 people marked Labor Day on Monday by remembering four men killed during a 1934 strike in Central Falls.

Event organizers say national guardsmen shot the four men dead as they sought cover in Central Falls' Moshassuck Cemetery. Rhode Island AFL-CIO President George Nee says it's easy to forget how that kind of bloodshed brought about working conditions that many now take for granted.

"We have to remember that people actually got beat and killed and got shot, and sacrificed and walked on picket lines, and fought for their brothers and sisters to get a better life," Nee says. "That is what we are doing here today."

Nee also calls it "disgraceful" that T.F. Green Airport is named for the governor who called the national guard to intervene in the 1934 strike.