Landmark's New Owner Must Use Rx Monitoring Program, Invest In Primary Care

Oct 31, 2013

California-based Prime Healthcare Services won approval earlier this week to buy Woonsocket’s Landmark Medical Center. But the approval came with conditions. One is that the company keep Rhode Island regulators abreast of a federal investigation it’s under for allegedly over-billing Medicare. Another is that Prime invest in primary care and in preventing hospital re-admissions. The Department of Health expressed some concern about Prime’s practices at other hospitals, but department head Michael Fine said the terms of the deal to acquire Landmark should allay those concerns.

Credit Kristin Gourlay / RIPR

“That’s why the conditions are there," said Fine. "That gives us the opportunity to hear reporting from them and to collaborate with them to make sure that everyone is getting the care that they need.”

Fine’s department will also require Landmark's new owner, Prime, to participate in the state’s prescription monitoring program, and to make an effort to enroll more patients in the state’s electronic medical record system, CurrentCare.