Langevin challenger Riley says future of US economy is in doubt

Jul 26, 2012

Republican Michael Riley, who’s challenging Democratic Congressman Jim Langevin, makes clear his dislike for tax increases. But he says he’s declined to sign Grover Norquist’s famous anti-tax hike pledge.

During a Q+A set for broadcast Friday (6:40 and 8:40 am) during RIPR’s Morning Edition, Riley says he’s among a small number of GOP candidates not to sign Norquist’s pledge. (He also joined us for Political Roundtable.)

“Why? Because that makes me inflexible. And why do I care about that? Because the problem with government is that it’s inflexible. We need a flexible government.; we need a local flexible government; we need a state flexible government; we need a federal flexible government.”

Riley nonetheless say he thinks of progressivism as “time-release communism.” He talks about the economy in dire terms.

“What we really need to do is get in there, prove that we can actually cut spending and balance our budget, get out of dreamland, make a stable dollar and then grow our economy from a stable standpoint.”

“Once we do that we can argue about all these other things, on what’s going to get funded and what’s not going to get funded. Right now, you’re talking about whether the US economy is going to exist in any form going forward five or 10 years.”

Riley, an investment adviser who lives in Narragansett, reiterated his ability to self-fund his campaign.

Asked whether he will kick in to get to the $1.4 million level he calls necessary for a competitive campaign versus Langevin, Riley says, “I have the money.”

For more on Riley, here’s my post on his campaign announcement back in April.