Langevin: tax bill a tough vote

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Sunday morning talk shows are buzzing about the huge tax bill President Barack Obama signed into law.

It extends tax cuts for the rich and provides billions of dollars in help for the middle class and jobless workers.

The President has been defending the bill as a good deal for the American people. A sentiment echoed by Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin, who says his vote supporting the package was a tough one.

"So there are things in there that stimulate the economy, it's going to put more cash in people's pockets. That's the short term. Once we get this economy back on its feet and the unemployment rate is down significantly, we have to as a nation get serious to turning our attention very quickly to deficit reduction," says Langevin.

The package comes with an $858 billion price tag. It extends tax rates for all taxpayers and offers a 13-month extension on unemployment benefits.

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