Largest Dog Adoption Drive In Rhode Island Held In Warwick

Aug 12, 2013

What was billed as the largest dog adoption event to ever occur in Rhode Island was held Sunday at the Inskip auto dealership in Warwick.  The goal was to adopt out 200 dogs, and by midday they were well on their way to achieving that milestone.

A pup at the Always Adopt dog adoption event held Sunday in Warwick.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

This was the second mass dog adoption of the year for the group “Always Adopt,” a Charlestown-based non profit that specializes in placing unwanted dogs from the South with loving homes in the Northeast.  Virtually all of the 250 dogs available for adoption came from the South, where people don’t adhere to the spay, neuter and adopt ethic as much as their fellow citizens in the Northeast according to “Always Adopt" president Louise Anderson Nicolosi.

"The wonderful culture up here in the Northeast is that people want to adopt. Down south the culture is very different in that unfortunately there’s the kind of people that have a dog, they don’t spay or neuter it, they let it run around. It has puppies and then they just take the puppies and the parents to a shelter where they’re euthanized," said Nicolosi.

Brittany Dunne of Cranston adopted a Weimaraner/Labrador mix.

"My husband just melted when she started to kind of nuzzle up to him. So that was the end. That was it. We didn’t look at any other dogs," said Dunne.

Along with the dogs there were dog trainers and veterinarians offering expert advice.

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