Last Chance To Enroll On HealthSource RI Is Monday

Mar 28, 2014

Monday is the deadline to enroll in a health insurance plan through HealthSource RI, the state’s online insurance marketplace. That’s the last chance to enroll until November.

The push is on to attract as many eligible Rhode Islanders to HealthSource RI to sign up for a health insurance plan. March 31st is the deadline to enroll in coverage in order to avoid a tax penalty for the year. And the next open enrollment period doesn’t start until mid-November for coverage that begins the following January. So if you were waiting until the last minute, now’s the time.

If you’re eligible for Medicaid, you can enroll in that anytime. And small businesses can sign up whenever their own open enrollment periods start.

HealthSource RI has been reaching out to potential enrollees through advertising and additional drop-in centers. They made a national splash this month when it launched a campaign to help moms use social media to shame their kids into getting covered.