Latino community leader urges education to alleviate unemployment

PROVIDENCE, RI – One leader in Rhode Island's Latino community says education is the key to overcoming the nation's highest unemployment rate for Latinos.

More than one-quarter of the Latinos in the metropolitan area around Providence and Fall River are unemployed. That's according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, which calls that rate the highest in the nation. Dr. Pablo Rodriguez says the problem reflects the high overall unemployment rate in Rhode Island. He says the solution...

"It's all about education, adult education, retraining, and also improvement in the education of our children," Rodriguez says, "because Latinos are also the worst performing students in the entire country right here in Rhode Island."

Rodriguez says most Latinos take education seriously. But he says demand for English-language classes in Providence is much greater than the supply.

Rodriguez spoke during a taping of Rhode Island Public Radio's Political Roundtable. The full segment can be heard at 5:40, 7:40, or online.

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