Lawmakers to Unveil Gun Legislation

Apr 9, 2013

State officials plan to roll out a package of bills Tuesday in an attempt to reduce gun-related violence. Lawmakers and law enforcement officials have been discussing the issue since January.

Rhode Island lawmakers will consider stricter gun control measures.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Rhode Island is among the states considering more stringent gun laws after the school shooting last year in Newtown, Connecticut. The local response will come in a package of nine bills. The proposals are expected to include such topics as background checks, weapons sales, and mental health.

Efforts to make Rhode Island’s gun laws tougher have mostly faced an uphill battle in recent years. Gun advocates say the state’s laws are already strong enough.

In related news, Republican state representatives are encouraging two gun manufacturers, Colt and Beretta, to relocate to Rhode Island. The GOP reps say tighter gun laws in Connecticut and Maryland have made them “hostile territory” for gun manufacturers.