Lawsuit filed over Zeppoles

Providence, RI – The first lawsuit over tainted Italian pastries at DeFusco's bakery in Johnston has been filed by a Massachusetts woman.

Erin Carrera of Rehoboth is suing DeFusco's Bakery on behalf of her son, who is only identified in the lawsuit as J.C.

Carrera says she bought Zeppoles from the bakery on March 18th. Her son experienced abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and fever after eating two of the pastries. He eventually received medical treatment and is still recovering from his symptoms.

The suit charges DeFusco's with product liability, breach of warranty, and negligence. It's been filed by a Seattle based law firm that specializes in food poisoning victims.

So far, 56 people have reported Salmonella poisoning in connection with the pastries, 26 were hospitalized and one elderly man has died

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