Lawsuit: RI workers cheated out of overtime pay

PROVIDENCE, RI – A Providence attorney is suing the multi-billion dollar "Flextronics Corporation," alleging the Singapore-based company cheated three Rhode Islanders out of overtime pay. And the case could grow to encompass hundreds of workers.

Until Verizon fired the Flextronics Corporation in June, Flextronics employees provided technical support at Verizon stores. A lawsuit filed in Federal District Court claims that three Flextronics supervisors were denied overtime pay in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The company claims the employees were management and therefore exempt from the federal law. But plaintiffs' attorney John Longo says they had none of the 20 duties required for exempt status.

"Management employees can generally hire and fire people unilaterally, sign contracts for their employer," says Longo. " In the case of the Flextronics field team supervisors basically they had no authority other than to assign people to slots."

The suit seeks twice the wages the three employees were denied plus attorney fees. Longo says he will soon file A second lawsuit on behalf of five Massachusetts supervisors. Ultimately, the case could involve 700 Flextronics supervisors around the country.

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