Lay-offs at Landmark

Providence, RI – Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket is laying off some of its employees and closing its outpatient center in Johnston.

In an effort to streamline operations at the financially troubled hospital, Landmark is no longer offering respiratory therapy on Atwood Avenue in Johnston.

But lay-offs are happening throughout the hospital system. According to Landmark's nurses union, the staff reductions impact the jobs of approximately 20 of its members.

Bill Fischer, Landmark's spokesman, says it was difficult to let go of employees.

"But at the end of the day, it's the best decision for the hospital overall," he says. "We have to become more efficient in this very complex health care delivery world that we live in."

Fischer says the lay-offs were an expected outcome of trying to keep the hospital financially stable. Landmark has been in court receivership since 2008. In June, Steward Health Care system based out of Massachusetts agreed to buy the hospital. The sale isn't final until state regulators give their approval.

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