Legislation aims to keep tolls off Sakonnet Bridge

Jan 10, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) Governor Lincoln Chafee’s keeping mum on whether he would veto legislation that keeps tolls off the Sakonnet River Bridge. State Rep. John Edwards of Tiverton says he plans to introduce a bill that keeps the Sakonnet Bridge from transferring over to the state’s Turnpike and Bridge Authority.

Credit RIDOT

Edwards calls the toll a tax and says the state should be able to pay for maintenance with general funds. Chafee says the state needs to pay for maintenance somehow and there are no easy decisions.

“I can promise the residents of Rhode Island under my leadership you’re never going to have a bridge be replaced for failure to maintain it,” says Chafee.

The public comment period on the plan to toll the Sakonnet Bridge ends next week. There are several more steps, but the state’s department of transportation says work on the toll gate could start as early as this summer.

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