Len Levin becomes new RI Supreme Court grammarian

Mar 5, 2013

Len Levin, a retired Providence Journal editor known for his meticulous work with reporters’ copy and a deep knowledge of all things Rhode Island, has been chosen as the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s new grammarian.

Levin, an extraordinarily literate and well-read person, replaces the late Joel Sekeres, also a retired ProJo editor and reporter who died recently. Levin will assume responsibility for parsing high court decisions for grammar errors.

A Pawtucket native and life-long Rhode Islander, Levin, 82, was a legendary editor at the newspaper known for catching errors and ensuring that deadlines were met. His humor, intelligence and ability to incorporate late-breaking news into stories made him an invaluable presence in the newsroom.

A graduate of Providence College, Levin is also a devoted Boston Red Sox fan and has forgotten more about baseball than all but the most avid fans. He has written and edited many baseball books and articles. If the justices ever need arbitration of baseball disagreements, Levin will be more than qualified to settle maters.

After retiring from the ProJo, Levin was a copy editor at the Quincy Patriot-Ledger. He also taught copy editing at the University of Rhode Island, where his wife, Linda Levin, is a veteran journalism professor and advisor to the campus newspaper.

Levin will be paid $18,200 annually in the post, which carries no state benefits of any type.