Letters detail concerns over medical marijuana centers in RI

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Letters submitted to the Rhode Island Department of Health that prompted it to re-start its application process for medical marijuana dispensaries list concerns over zoning, proof of financial backing and other issues.

In general, the letters are from two types of people- lawyers representing other applicants, or lawyers representing neighbors of the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center.

That location, which would be located off Atwells avenue in Providence, is the sole subject of three of the letters. Exceeding the page limit and having the wrong kind of zoning approval are among their arguments for disqualifying the application.

Other letters mention violations related to page limits, zoning and financial backing for multiple applicants.

Health Department Director Dr. David Gifford says these letters made his legal team realize they should have disqualified many of the applications right from the start, or clarified the application process.

The department will start accepting new proposals in October. Meanwhile, medical marijuana advocates are considering legal action