Liberian-Americans Seek Donations To Fight Ebola; Rally Planned

Aug 4, 2014

A group of Liberian-Americans met in Providence on Sunday night to discuss how the Ebola virus is devastating West Africa. Now, they are collecting medical supplies such as rubber gloves and bleach and sending them overseas to help the struggling country. Liberian youth advocate Kormasa Amos says after facing two civil wars, Liberia is now at risk of losing another generation.

"Because of the war we lost two generations, and now we're looking to face the possibility of losing another one to this virus. We're really trying to send supplies and education back home to prevent that from happening, to prevent the loss of another generation."

Rhode Island has one of the highest concentrations of Liberian-Americans in the country. Anyone interested in donating supplies for the cause can drop them off at Decontee's Restaurant on Broad Street in Providence.

Amos says the Liberian community in Rhode Island plans to rally on Thursday, ending up at the Statehouse at 3 pm, to gain support from lawmakers.

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