Lt Gov and Labor Secretary defend health care overhaul

Providence, RI – As the House of Representatives prepares to take up a vote over the repeal of the nation's health care overhaul, Rhode Island's Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts is joining with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to sing the law's praises.

In a conference call, Roberts and Secretary Solis highlighted the benefits of the health care law, including provisions that keep children on their parent's health insurance until age 26.

Roberts says the law also provides millions of dollars in grants for improving the health care system. "If we were to lose some of those incentive grants to help us create organizations that manage care more effectively and lower the cost of care, that harms everyone," she says.

Roberts chairs the Ocean State's commission on implementing the federal health care overhaul. She says she thinks Rhode Islanders will appreciate the law once they realize the state can shape the regulations to meet its needs.

Opponents of the law say it harms the economy and limits job growth. A multi-state lawsuit is also challenging the constitutionality of requiring Americans to buy health insurance.

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